The ALAFROPATIS ATHANASIOS & CO Ltd Company welcomes to its force the Alafropatis Design Center department. This department’s objective is the designing and manufacturing of artful products and structures made fully or partly of glass that reflect the daily needs at home and at work.

The unique optical properties, the transparency, the reflection, the combinations and the special relationship between glass and light, are characteristics that put glass in the lead in architecture and design.

Glass however is a special material that requires expertise in its application.

High aesthetics and the passion to move forward drove us to a new and particularly innovative advance which could not have been implemented without the experience we have gained through out long path in the world of glass. Opening a new chapter in the course of our company, we experiment and design with you, for you, unique structures of high aesthetics that reflect your wishes, staying at the same time faithful to the high quality standards typical of our company.

The guidance of certified Architectural Engineers who make up the Design Centre of our company, in combination with the creativity and innovation that characterise us, are able to provide flexible and functional solutions of discerning taste, creating an environment that brings to life our clients’ visions.