The 3.500 m2 of the company’s production facilities are located on a 6.500 m2 privately owned lot and include the main industrial work area, specialised areas for equipment operation, organised office and reception rooms, showroom for all our products, graphic design centre and auxiliary areas.

More specifically, some of our production lines that comprise our facilities are 2 latest technology production lines, for flat (float glass) and multilayered glass panes (laminated).

The Alafropatis Glass Company has the entire infrastructure necessary for the production and quick availability of products, playing a leading role in the modern market. With privately owned trucks and transportation, it delivers all its products easily, promptly and safely in any desired destination.

Finally, keeping firmly to laws and regulations we adhere strictly to all measures of safety and security, this way ensuring both a clean working environment and a high level of productivity and services.


The Alafropatis Glass Company is certified with the international quality control system ISO 9001:2008 and at the same time fulfils all the requirements of the European Union Directives, being licensed to use the CE marking.


Alafropatis Glass has formed strong affiliations with the most renowned Greek and foreign companies reaching out and opening the way to the international market.

Regarding our affiliates, some of them are mentioned below: