Our company offers a great array of sliding and opening doors for every type of use.

The glass sliding doors offer a superior visual and functional result in domestic and professional rooms. It offers incredible solutions for creating spaces with glass.

The opening doors are installed in internal and external areas ensuring functionality and attractiveness. For the opening doors we use safety crystals 10mm thick (Securit, Triplex) in clear, satin or sandblasted glass as well as in Triplex glass in several colours.

Especially for indoor use we manufacture elegant glass doors consisting of oval or square divisible aluminium profile able to cover wall thickness (enclosure), and safety crystal in unlimited combinations of colours and designs that make up the door of your dreams. It can be used in a professional space or at home.

The accessories they carry are also of oval or square profile to match respectively.


Automatic doors are equipped with full gear like special radars for movement detection, security sensors, electromagnetic locking on the motor, battery kit for autonomous operation in case of power failure, panic exit system in case of danger as well as controlled opening and access through remote control, card readers etc.