This series includes combinations of crystals soldered with special films, from the simple triplex to the most elaborate of combinations, depending on the properties they must have and where they are installed. Main characteristic of this series: protection. In case of breakage, the film with which the crystals are soldered does not permit fragments to be detached from its surface and continues to function as a difficult to penetrate barrier even with repeated blows.

This series belongs to the category of materials that provide security from vandalism and theft due to the difficulty in perforating them (in general, the more the mass of the pane and the higher the number of films contained in it, the higher the level of security of the pane). At the same time it is transparent, allowing visibility and display of products. Our company can certify all classes of crystals against vandalism.


This series provides proven protection against criminal and terrorist attacks because they can absorb high levels of impact averting as a result the penetration of the protected area by a bullet or a bullet fragment. Their appearance does not differ to the flat glass panes but the result is a clear protection against criminal actions.


They are panes that have undergone thermal processing to increase their durability compared to other glass panes. They have increased thermal resistance (they withstand sudden thermal changes) which makes them immune to thermal shocks. Another basic characteristic of these panes is their safe breakage. More specifically, when broken, they form many small harmless pieces.